Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jerry Livson sailing voyage on S/Y MOODI - START

Dear Friends, 
May 18, 2013 at 18:21:58 

8 weeks have passed, since I left Israel for my extended voyage Westwards.

My first stop was Kastellorison and second Rhodes to pick up my electronic equippment and Water Maker. Although my papers were for SHIP IN TRANSIT , the Greeks charged me 2860 euros for VAT and custom clearing. I am supposed to receive 2100 back, but I am skeptical, while nothing has happened in 7 weeks.

From Rhodes to Yacht Marina in Marmaris for installation and antifouling. I was a month in Marmaris. Turkey is expensive. I paid 120 euros for a transit log for entrance,  80 to get out , 25 euros due work in shabbat and a fine for a missing BLUE CARD.... ALL IN ALL 268 euros.

From Marmaris we proceeded ( crew Leila and Smulik Leviatan) to Simi for two days,to Kos for two days, Patmos for two days, Myconos for to days. The wind was howling in Myconos 22-27 knots while berthing and received my first  scratch due too high fenders. Next Island was Kythnos for two days. We liked the island. The big mistake was to proceed to Hydra, where was a real chaos. In the evening we received the first storm with CB rainclouds and 35 knots winds in the  town marina. A 50 foot Charter boat got loose and pinned us to the concrete. I held both boats with full engine forward until help arrived. We got our anchor fouled twice under a chain and Smulik dived to release it...

From hydra we sailed to a beautiful small harbor : Porto Nea  Epidaures.  In Peloponnesos. Peaceful and most enjoyable.

The Corinth Channel we passed  the next day and reached Corinth Marina for 2 days. Smulik left and I continued with Leila 40 miles to a small marina called Itea. Tomorrow to Delfi for a visit.
Monday to an island called TRISONIA ,where we will probably stay for 3 days. Avi Levy writes that time stops there. We will report.
We have toured all the possible sights in the Islands, by car,by foot or climbing....
We have had quite a. Lot head. Wind during the last 10 days, but now wind has eased up.
We have had also rainy days to cope, fuel line problems, while we found some small nasty pieces of plastic in the fuel tank that blocked 15 times our fuel line till we got rid of them. I bought an air pistol for my diving bottle that opened all the blockages easy.
For the last 4 days the engine has been 100% ....
Finally  i have learned a lot and Am learning the whole time more.
I am enjoying my freedom greatly and only thing that I am not organized is    With Crew, which will make me to sail some legs SINGLE...

Jerry Livson

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